Business Systematization for the Sole Biz Owner!

Kimberly Fowler
2 min readDec 4, 2019


Biz systematization is big news right now with every business owner thinking they need to apply these processes to their organization in order to get more out of them, increase profits and improve efficiency.

And they’re not wrong!

Business systematization is simply the smart application of various strategies that can enable a business to run itself or at least to run more effectively in the absence of a company owner.

But surely this doesn’t apply to the sole proprietor? How can a landscaper or a freelance graphic designer apply systematization and stand to benefit?

Even if you have a business consisting of a single person and the service or product you provide is super simple, it’s important to recognize that implementing systems in your business also applies to you.

The reason for this is simply that what you do will still be based on systems. Even if your system is just to cut hair, this will consist of multiple procedures and processes that help you to get clients, to get to your customers and to provide them with the best and quickest cut.

In the case of solo business owners, the objective isn’t to create a business that could run without you as that is going to be impossible in many cases.

However, simply by running your business in a more EFFECTIVE manner, you will be able to expand. And actually this is even more important when there’s just one of you because it’s the only way you can expand your business and increase turnover and sales.

You aren’t taking more staff and so the only way to make more money is to work faster and to work better.

So how do you apply business systematization to your trade if you work independently?

One option is to use tools and software. There are programs and apps out there for instance that exist to take over whole aspects of your business. If you’re a web designer for instance, then using the right software to create templates can save you a ton of time.

Likewise, just using checklists and flowcharts can help you to avoid making mistakes and to work more quickly and effectively. Even if you know your job inside out, these prevent complacency from leading to mistakes and they ensure you are working in the most effective way possible.

To Your Success!

Kimberly E. Fowler

Tax Business Mentor