What is Business Coaching and What Can it Do for You?

Coaching is a process that enables business owners to achieve their full potential. Coaching and mentoring are similar in nature. Let’s look at some of the things your business coach will do for you and your business.

* Will teach you to creatively apply techniques and tools. This includes things like facilitating, doing one-on-one training, counseling and networking.
* Encourages you to be committed and the development of growth and change that’s lasting.
* Encourages you to constantly advance competencies and to expand whenever necessary to attain your goals.
* Ensure that you as an entrepreneur, build your personal competencies and that you dont build unhealthy dependencies on the coaching relationship.
* Evaluate the outcome of your process to make sure you are achieving your goals both personal and business related.
* Facilitate the exploration of your needs, desires, motivations, skills and the thought process to assist you in making real and lasting changes.
* Manages the relationship to make sure you, the client gets a suitable level of service and that the program isn’t too long or too short.
* Observe the client, listen and ask questions to understand the situation of the client.
* Use questioning techniques to make possible your own thought processes to identify solutions and actions rather than using a direct approach.
* Proven coaching training practices can bolster trust, strengthen relationships and commitment, and you can enjoy the benefits of open communication.
* Give meaningful feedback to you on the best way to communicate requests and suggestions to others?
* Teach you how to use questions to achieve the best performance.
* Examine the behaviors that will lead to unreliable behavior and the inability to achieve your goals.

Business coaching is a valuable tool where a trained professional comes into a business no matter what the business size to work with you so that you can create your goals and achieve those goals, so that you can grow and expand your skills and improve your role in the workplace achieving your goals.

I am a Certified Business Coach who focuses on helping tax professionals to create, launch, and grow their tax businesses! It is my passion and I love speaking to entrepreneurs across the board and getting them unstuck!

Kimberly E. Fowler




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